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Top Agriculture and Forestry College

Agriculture and Forestry have a lot of scope in a career in today’s world.

Our agriculture Department(B.Sc Agriculture)


Agriculture creates the foundation of the economies of the country. Under agriculture, there are many aspects and studies included. Talking about India 70% of households are dependent on agriculture for their living. It is also associated directly with the National Gross Domestic Product.
Indian economy could never progress without the contribution of our farmers. Studying agriculture is not only about farming and cultivation, it is far more than that. Agriculture involves research work, horticulture, biotechnology, and many more process. When we introduce the use of technology and inventions in agriculture we are on a path of modernization and advancements.
RIT Roorkee offers a 4 years professional course in B.Sc Agriculture that is affiliated to Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna (HNB) Garhwal University (NAAC ‘A’ Grade University). Our college in cooperation with Himalayan College (HC) brings in advanced tech methods and provides quality education so that the graduating students can get qualified for job opportunities in the Food Corporation of India(FCI), Indian Agricultural Research Institutes(IARI), Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR), National Dairy Development Board(NDDB) and many other government bodies. Also in private sectors like agro-industries,Micro-finance, fertilizer sectors, etc.
There are certain fields where agriculture graduates can be associated with. Starting from research to biotechnology, microbiology, biochemistry. RIT introduces new techniques and types of equipment for the students to have a deeper understanding of the core proficiencies of this course like soil and water conservation, sustainable agriculture practices, post-harvest technologies, irrigation management, and various others.


RIT agriculture department



Our Forestry Department(B.Sc Forestry)


Similarly like Agriculture RIT Roorkee and Himalayan College under Himalayan Charitable Trust offers a 4 years B.Sc course in Forestry. Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) has been financially supporting HNB Garhwal University for a long time.
More than our 20 scholars have been awarded a Ph.D. in Forestry by HNB University and are working with central government bodies -ICAR and qualified NET. Forestry is a part of agriculture somehow and there is a huge scope for these studies. There are few major industries for forestry and also teach the practice of legal forestry. The graduates can sit for several central governments conducted exams for officers- IFS, IAS, IPS, etc. More scopes lie on the jobs in Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Forest Research Institute, Botanical Survey of India, Zoological Survey of India, and many others. Also, some of the private jobs in various fields are related to forestry.


RIT forestry department

The core proficiencies in B.sc Forestry are Ecological Modeling, Silviculture, Integrated Pest Management, Wild Life Sciences, Environmental Impact Assessment. The main focus of the RIT Roorkee B.sc Forestry program is to bestow important knowledge of advanced technologies used in forestry along with practicals, training, and workshops so that the graduates can promote the development and growth of the Indian Forestry Sector. You can look for the fee structure and the course details Here
The students who have completed (10+2) examinations in a science stream with Maths and Biology are eligible to take admission in this course.


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