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To solve any technical problem, you need to have sufficient knowledge about the relevant technology. You learn some petty things in your childhood by seeing, and experimenting with the toys, tools and may be some gadgets or instruments. 

However, for a successful career, a structured study plan has always been a necessity. If the fundamentals of concerned technology are not clear to you, and if you don’t have experience of using the know-how adroitly, you can’t solve the problem effectively.

A professional course helps us to upgrade our skills in a systematic manner, by feeding us the continuous dose of technology for our professional growth. It enables candidates to identify their strengths as well as weaknesses, and the practical experience duly supervised by the expert technocrats and faculties help them to garner enough confidence to face unforeseen challenges and enhance their creativity. These professional courses are frequently adjusted according to the need of the industry which benefits both new aspirants and working professionals.

Advantages of professional courses:


  • Gives you a Strong Technical Base

You get a solid technical background along-with an undergraduate or postgraduate government’s University  degree from our prestigious Institute which is valid all over the globe.

  • Moulds your Attitude and Aptitude

When you take up a professional course at RIT, you are exposed to not only the new and fresh ideas related with the latest technology, but it also keeps you updated with everything that is going-on in your area of interest. You are constantly exposed to the challenges connected with the practical problems, and you solve them overcoming all the hurdles under able supervision of faculty and staff by using appropriate laboratory tools and technical backup.


  • Makes you an Industry Ready Creative Technocrat

In today’s competitive market, employers look for people who have a distinct quality to offer to their business. At RIT you create new things and generate advanced concepts that give you the ability to face the challenges with a more tactical approach. Thus, you develop more creative and innovative perspective toward solutions that will set you apart from others.

  • Garners the Ability to Contribute More

As you inculcate knowledge through constant learning, you have much more to contribute to your organization than your counterparts who haven’t been a part of this professional development. Moreover, you are exposed to new ideas, perception and knowledge that give you a competitive edge over others.

  • Enhances your Creativity

Creativity is something that never stops evolving but it needs constant feeding. Learning different ways to do a thing and getting acknowledged with the ongoing trends duly enhances our creativity. You just can’t get stuck to your old means of doing things. By trying out different approaches continuously at RIT, you can improve your creativity and further sharpen it.

  • Helps you Adopt Professional Approach

Professional course teaches you the best way to get engaged with good organizations and to attract your customers. Through this you can meet your clients’ demands more effectively and in a more professional manner.  

You must have noticed that all the issues discussed above are equally relevant even if you want to establish your own enterprise, or if you want to acquire an already functional organization. Yes, we train you to become a techno-preneur and even go to the extent of supporting you with startup funding on the basis of suitability of your project.


Computer Science & Engineering/ MCA

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Civil Engineering

Research Experience: 34 Years in Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee
Teaching Experience: 6 Years
International and National Research Papers: 19 Published
No of Research Projects: 16
Memberships of Professional Bodies: Member of The Institution of Engineers (India), Charted Engineer of The Institution of Engineers (India), Ex Member of Various Civil Engineering Sectional Committees of Bureau of Indian Standards

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Electronics and Communication Engineering

The infrastructure and lab facilities which provide adequate opportunities to students for learning and innovation are upgraded regularly. The department has distinguished faculty, all holding degrees from renowned institutes of the country. The faculty of the department has been constantly carrying out research on many cutting edge technologies and regularly gets engaged in publishing research papers in top national and international journals.State-of-the-Art courses in Mobile Communications, Optical Communications, Telecommunication Networks, Signal Processing, Microelectronics, Digital System Design, Embedded Systems and MEMS are integrated to keep the students abreast of latest technologies.

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Electrical Engineering

Department offers under-graduate (B. Tech.), post graduate (M. Tech.) and Diploma in Electrical Engineering.We encourage the students to undergo engineering projects during their studies at appropriate levels. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, latest simulation tools to cater to various specialization needs and facilities for measurement, characterization and synthesis of experiments as well as theoretical results.

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Applied Science & Humanities

This is a summary of Applied Science & Humanities

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