Industrial Tour to TIDES Incubation Centre, IIT Roorkee

An Industrial visit of MBA students (1st and 2nd year) started from institute at 10:00 am and reached TIDES, Incubation Center, IIT Roorkee at 10:30 am. With the permission of CEO,TIDES Incubation Center at IIT Roorkee, the students met the concerned people who are in charge of government schemes like NIDHI PRAYAS and NIDHI EIR and gathered the information and experience on how to start and run the business and what challenges they are facing in getting the funding in running the start-ups. The students also met the incubatees at TIDES IIT Roorkee.  The students also visited Bio Nest Incubation Center at IIT Roorkee and interacted with the students and project managers who are working under various schemes offered by TIDES, IIT Roorkee.


The following faculty members accompanied the students during visit:

  1. Amit K. Rawat (Coordinator)
  2. Akshat Agarwal


The visit proved to be successful as the students got an opportunity to see the environment and infrastructure where the students and potential managers work and develop their prototypes.The students learnt a lot about the working environment at  Incubation Centre, IIT Roorkee.