India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219 +91-9927099075 Nepal: +977-9821880560
India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219 +91-9927099075 Nepal: +977-9821880560

Electrical Engineering

Providing quality power and particularly green power, to cater the today’s need is the most difficult challenge, which scientists and engineers are facing in modern era. RIT Roorkee strives to do research on these sectors. Recently RIT signed an MOU with IIT Guwahati (Deshya Technologies) for research on Electric Vehicles.

The students of RIT have been involved in setting up a 15 MW solar plant in Satpuli, Uttarakhand. With diligence on the same, the students perfected the EPC structure in record time.

Department offers under-graduate (B. Tech.), post graduate (M. Tech.) and Diploma in Electrical Engineering. The students undergo rigorous engineering projects during their studies at appropriate levels. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, latest simulation tools to cater to various specialization needs and facilities for measurement, characterization and synthesis of experiments as well as theoretical results.

The research activities carried out by the students include collaboration with other disciplines both within and outside the institute under the guidance of faculty members and staff.  Electrical Engineering (EE) is an important stream of engineering. This gives comprehensive knowledge to students about power generation, transmission, distribution, and automation and control. In RIT, the department of EE is committed to give in-depth, globally acceptable all-round knowledge to our students. The curriculum has been designed to produce the professional electrical engineers, who can confidently take charge in the fields of power engineering, automation and control, instrumentation.

RIT offers B.tech degree with specialization certification programme. The programme prepares the student according to the industrial requirement. During the four-year B.tech programme, students get specializations in the area of their interest and the requirement of the market for the placements. The certification is offered in the following areas-

  1. B.Tech. EE  with Power system
  2. B.Tech EE with Solar Power manufacturing
  3. B.Tech EE with Electric Vehicles (EV)
  4. B.Tech. EE  with Control system
  5. B.Tech. EE  with Power electronics
  6. B.Tech. EE  with Industrial automation and control
  7. B.Tech. EE  with PLC and Scada


SOTD1Diploma – Electrical Engineering

Level : Diploma Program
Degree : Diploma
Duration : 3 years
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SOTB1B Tech – Electrical Engineering

Level : Undergraduate Program
Degree : Bachelor of Technology
Duration : 4 years
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SOTB1M Tech – Electrical Engineering

Level : Postgraduate Program
Degree : Master of Technology
Duration : 2 years
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Department Information

Electrical Engineering

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Head of Department

RIT faculty
Prof. Vishal Sharma
Ph.D.(Pursuing), M.Tech., B.Tech.

Industrial Experience: 2 year Education Experience: 9 year Memberships : IEEE Membership

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