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Nepal: +977-9821880560
India: +91-9927099210, 9927099219 +91-9927099075
Nepal: +977-9821880560

Accreditation and Recognition


All courses under AICTE that are eligible for accreditation by UTU in Roorkee Institute of Technology are accredited.


B.Tech., M.Tech., MBA and MCA courses are recognized by Uttarakhand Technical University (Gov. of Uttarakhand.), Dehradun Uttarakhand.

Diploma (Polytechnic) Courses are recognized by Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education (Gov. of Uttarakhand.), Roorkee.

Bsc. Agriculture, Bsc. Forestry and B.Ed are recognized by HNB Garhwal Central University (NAAC “A” Grade)

Bsc. Optometry, Bsc. MLT are recognized by HNB Paramedical University. 

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